world's fastest database appliance
and database specific load balancer


Building your databases the “old” way:

  1. Select hardware vendor
  2. Size hardware for CPU and memory
  3. Size disks for performance
  4. Decide on RAID
  5. Configure RAID
  6. Install Operating System
  7. Select and create filesystem
  8. Install database software MariaDB/MySQL
  9. Configure and tune database parameters
  10. Design and implement backup and recovery
  11. Test the Hardware
  12. Design High Availability strategy
  13. Configure High Availability strategy
  14. Now put it all together and test the entire thing
  15. If any issues restart the process till the issues are located
  16. Finally put your databases on it

The SpringbokSQL way:

  1. Select the capacity you need – Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large
  2. Order SpringbokSQL database Appliance
  3. Put your data on them
  4. Configure SpringbokSQL load balancer
You are faster, better and deliver 100% uptime

We just saved you 12 steps and you are still faster, better and have built in high availability, we guarantee it or your money back.

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About SpringbokSQL

We store and manage your company's most valuable asset - your data.

Alex Alexander

I'm Alex Alexander veteran of the databases world, I built my very first database over 25 years ago and that started my career as DBA, since then came Oracle, DB/2, Informix, Adabas D, Btrieve, Postgres, SQL Server, Sybase, MySQL, MariaDB, NoSQL... 25 years later I'm a database architect – I design and deploy very fast and highly available database environments.

I'm the DBA – we have no holidays, no weekends, no nights or days. We build and manage databases – we store and manage your company's most valuable asset - your data. I have spent countless days and nights tuning hardware, storage, filesystem, operating system parameters, databases parameters. I always strive to design and deploy the fastest, most available databases environments and I have succeeded – Texas Instruments, GE Medical, GE Capital, Hubspot, Apple, Adchemy, Opera Media, Ready Touch, Sokikom, Loc8te – the list could go on for a page or two. I like what I do and I believe I was born for this.

Being a database architect you are responsible for it all – network, hardware, operating system, databases release, replication topologies, backup, recovery, uptime and performance. I have always performed the same steps – sized and the hardware, storage, configured parameters, tested and re tested and finally deployed and stayed up all nights watching it work.

I have always believed that there could be a better and easier way, a way that could save my time your your money, a way to build faster and better environments in a lot less time and effort. The product of my vision is SpringbokSQL database appliance – all in one, fastest, most available and horizontally scalable. I designed the box, the bios, the drives, tuned and retuned the database parameters all you have to do is to use it. I will put your data on it and you can let us deliver the performance and the uptime, I guarantee it or your money back.

After I was finished with the database appliance I designed and built a hardware load balancer that is specifically designed for the databases. SpringbokSQL load balancer detects master and slave databases , performs read/write splitting on demand and had build in high availability for your databases. Use it with SpringbokSQL databases appliance or your own databases, it will make your job whole a lot easier.

I build the best products and and assembled the winning team, we want you to have the fastest, highly available and the most scalable databases.

SpringbokSQL Database Appliance


Small factor – 1U, standard rack specifications, very fast and highly available.

Use SpringbokSQL database appliance and never have your database slaves fall behind in replication. It is very easy to size and power up. Our database appliance comes in four sizes Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large. Migrate your slow moving databases to a SpringbokSQL database appliance and for a complete fault tolerant solution with automated HA and read/write splitting.

SpringbokSQL Database Load Balancer

Load Balancer


  • Database traffic load balancing
  • Read/Write splitting or dedicated reads or writes
  • Build in High Availability for your databases
  • Build in Security for your databases
  • Fully Clustered
  • Always On

Build a complete solution using SpringbokSQL database load balancer and HA appliance.

SpringbokSQL load balancer is a all in one hardware – a database load balancer and a database HA solution. When using SpringbokSQL load balancer there is no need to set up your applications connections as READ/WRITE splitting, simply point all your applications connections to SpringbokSQL load balancer and it will do the rest.

SpringbokSQL load balancer will auto detect the master and slave databases and will send the WRITE traffic to master databases and the READ traffic to slave databases. If case of master database outage SpringbokSQL load balancer will automatically promote slave to become a master a reposition the other slaves to the new master and continue load balancing your connections.

Database Appliances Configuration

Our database appliances are very easy to size and deploy, the database appliances come in four sizes Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large.

Simply size your appliance based on the storage you need and we deliver the performance and uptime guaranteed or your money back. Also all the appliances are fully managed. 100% MySQL/MariaDB compatible – replicate to and from MySQL/MariaDB.

Database appliances can operate either in asynchronous or synchronous replication mode.

All appliances from Small to Extra Large are 1U form factor and have 24 processing cores and vary in storage capacity, the database is fused with the hardware and the operating system for the optimal performance.

Small SM

1U 24 cores 64 GB RAM
500 GB storage capacity

Medium MD

1U 24 cores 128 GB RAM
1 TB storage capacity

Large L

1U 24 cores 256 GB RAM
2 TB storage capacity

Extra Large XL

1U 24 cores 512 GB RAM
4 TB storage capacity


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MySQL Consulting

SpringbokSQL team is here to help you with your MySQ databases.

We have assembled absolutely the best team of database experts to build the best performing and most scalable MySQL environment:

Contact us for a free consultation and find out how we can make your databases faster, better and more available. Our consulting rate is $250.00 per hour.

MariaDB Consulting

MariaDB is the future of MySQL, more features and completely open source.

SpringbokSQL consulting team will help you with all aspects of MariaDB deployment, migration and development. At SpringbokSQL we assembled the best team of MariaDB experts ready for your challenges:

Contact us for a free consultation and find out how we can make your databases faster, better and more available. Our consulting rate is $250.00 per hour.

SpringbokSQL is a strong supporter of MariaDB foundation https://mariadb.org

SpringbokSQL Winning Team

Meet the winning team behind SpringbokSQL.



CEO & Founder


Senior Database Administrator


Senior Database Administrator


We are Hiring!


Sales and Marketing West Coast


Sales and Marketing East Coast


Android iOS Developer


Web Designer & Developer


PHP Programmer/MySQL Database Administrator


SpringbokSQL is hiring!

Do you like to code? Do you like to store and retrieve data? Would you like to be a part of the team that makes a difference ? Do you think that you are smarter then everyone? Do you thrive to be the best in your field? Do you live for technology?

If you answered “Yes” to the above questions – we want to talk to you about your career.

C/C++ developers.

Database internals, databases engine design and architecture. Build the next generation database engine, break the barriers to horizontal scalability.

MySQL/MariaDB DBA's and database Architects

How many MySQL/MariDB High Availability tools are out there? If you counted seven or eight – we need to talk to you. We are looking for the experts in the field to manage MySQL/MariaDB databases. If you have done this before you probably already know what we are looking for. MySQL/MariaDB upgrades, downgrades, performance tuning, SQL optimization, replication, Tungsten, database backup and recovery, MySQL cluster. We need absolutely the best if you think you have what it takes – we want you!


Do you remember Slackware? Do you know the difference between SuSE and RedHat, can you name all Linux OS's in Debian family? Which operating system is 63 bits? We are looking for Linux and BSD experts.


Have any inquiry about SpringbokSQL? Leave us a message or call us on 415-685-0766.